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1. Product policy, price
All products are topup366.com specific price listed on the website effective in USD
When ordering, customers are required to complete and accurate information as required in order to create favorable conditions for
topup366.com in handling and order fulfillment hang.Trong case basis to believe that orders you place with no real purpose purchases, or orders are not clear, calleasyword.com the right to cancel or refuse orders for do.Trong any case, topup366.com will not be responsible for cases of delayed delivery or missing etc. .. You do not provide accurate information. When shopping on topup366.com, you get more frequent promotions, discounts of suppliers
2. Transport policy
Voice777 topup366.com sold in the form of code (key, code) is sent via email or in paper card (containing the code was secure silver coating) or physical products
Voice777 purchased
topup366.com delivered free via e-mail clients (registration upon purchase) immediately after successful payment confirmation from the bank or the electronic wallet (units authorized collection) or chargeable to the customer delivery requirements
For each form received via email,
topup366.com not responsible in case the wrong email client led to another lost or wrongly delivered using code tags
- The number of orders in accordance to the minimum required number of each type of card (will show when ordering)
topup366.com have not determined delivery address when the delivery is not clear or does not facilitate communication unknown address, phone, email contacts, ...
3. policy delivery and refunds
card error:
Card is damaged cards can not be used because of the physical card error (printing error, no access codes, no passwords). If customers purchase card to corrupt, after checking card status, are allowed to exchange cards with the same value. (Processing time within 24 hours)
card use error:
(a) They have been used before as a secret code card that the card has been used before scraping out customer use.
(b) a card error card that customers must purchase, no physical damage, but the access to the system have occurred case: not connected, disconnected, ... cause of complaints and disputes about card quality.
(c) For the case of direct appeal, all claims will be resolved directly between the customer and
topup366 via website, email support phone numbers. Upon appeal to this case, topup366 will conduct transactions directly with customers, check card, if true of new cards to customers
Cards lose
Customers to bear the loss entirely responsible, the customer should promptly notify the serial number of the lost card for timely topup366 to cut the possibility of using this card